Motorsport Australia appoints Stewards in accordance with the National Competition Rules (NCR) to determine a breach of the Rules, or a protest, or to settle a conflict of interest and if necessary impose a penalty.

Certain decisions of the Stewards or another Court of the First Instance are subject to appeal in accordance with the NCR.

Motorsport Australia has delegated the power of review to specialist Tribunals and the Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court (AMSAC). The procedure for an AMSAC appeal hearing is detailed in the Judicial Appendix.


Fees and Charges

Protest/Appeal/Judicial Fees

 Protest Fees
 International Motorsport Australia National Championship/Cup/Challenge/Trophy/Series  Each other Competition except Club Club (including Multi-Club)  Bond 
 $3,300 $2,200  $750 $275  Stewards*

*In the case of a protest referring to an alleged non-compliance of an Automobile and which requires the dismantling/re-assembly of components, a Bond (in addition to the Protest Fee) may be applied by the Stewards following advice from the Technical Delegate (if appointed) or the Chief Scrutineer on the expected costs of the dismantling/re-assembly.

 Appeal Fees
 AMSAC Motorsport Australia National Championship/Cup/Challenge/Trophy/Series Each other Competition except Club Club (including Multi-Club) 
 $11,000 $6,600  $2,200 $825 

Judicial Forms
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