Club Development Fund

Club Development Fund applications have closed for 2021. Motorsport Australia will again open applications in 2022, with a date to be advised.

Motorsport Australia is proud to be able to offer to its affiliated sporting car clubs the opportunity to obtain funding under the Motorsport Australia Club Development Fund.

The Motorsport Australia Club Development Fund is made available as part of Motorsport Australia's ongoing commitment to drive membership growth and participation opportunities in clubs and motorsport.

The Motorsport Australia Club Development Fund has awarded over $100,000 to Motorsport Australia-Affiliated Sporting Car Clubs since its inception in 2015.

Enquiries regarding the Motorsport Australia Club Development Fund can be sent to [email protected].

Funding Areas

Funds will be allocated to projects that fit within one of the following four funding areas:

• Funding Area 1: Safety and Operational Equipment 
• Funding Area 2: Volunteer upskilling and operational equipment 
• Funding Area 3: Women and girls’ participation 
• Funding Area 4: Events and activities 

The Club Development Fund will not fund the following:

• safety equipment specific to competitor or vehicle modifications which are ultimately intended for individual use (eg. Frontal Head Restraints);  
• safety devices which do not meet Motorsport Australia specifications (FIA approved); 
• capital expenditure; 
• ongoing operational costs.

Please refer to the funding guidelines for more information.

Overarching Criteria

Funds will be allocated to projects that meet all of the following criteria:

• Assist in the development / growth of Motorsport Australia affiliated car club(s)
• Encourage increased participation in motorsport
• Be managed in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner
• Be managed in consultation with Motorsport Australia 
• Be supported by a co-investment from the applying club
• Event(s) MUST operate under a Motorsport Australia permit with applicable safety and officiating standards in place
• For an application to be considered, the club must consult with the Regional Development Executive (RDE) of that jurisdiction regarding the proposed use of funding. 

Projects will be preferred if:

• They are supported by multiple clubs
• They address multiple issues or growth areas within the motorsport community (i.e. female participation, succession planning for officials, environmental management, junior development)
• They have local government support / involvement.
Items to note:
• Only one successful application will be considered per club in each calendar year and the whole amount requested may not be allocated.
• Some elements of results / reporting may be made available to other clubs to assist with their development (this process will be coordinated by Motorsport Australia).

Successful Applications

Successful applicants must enter into a funding agreement with Motorsport Australia. Funding agreements establish the parties and their commitments and obligations to each other and set out the general terms and conditions of funding.

Different terms and conditions apply to different types of grants and grant recipients. These terms and conditions are not negotiable.

The following conditions will apply to activities that receive a grant:

• the grant recipient must enter into a funding agreement with Motorsport Australia which sets out the conditions and reporting requirements;
• the project must be completed within 12 months of receipt of the grant funds. Any unspent funds must be returned to Motorsport Australia;
• funds must be spent on the activity as described in the application. Any proposed variation to the approved activity must be submitted to Motorsport Australia for approval prior to implementation;
• grants to recipients not registered for GST will be made exclusive of GST. 

Acknowledging Motorsport Australia’s support and promoting success
Successful applicants need to acknowledge Motorsport Australia support through the provision of a grant from the Club Development Fund. Promotional guidelines form part of the funding agreement and include the requirement that all activities acknowledge Motorsport Australia’s support through logo presentation on any activity-related publications, media releases and promotional material; and/or placing endorsed signs at the site of infrastructure activities.

Successful applicants may be required to contribute information on activity outcomes for use in program evaluation reviews or the department’s marketing materials.

Payments will be made as long as:

• the funding agreement has been signed by both parties;
• grant recipients provide reports as required, or otherwise demonstrate that the activity is progressing as expected;
• other terms and conditions of funding continue to be met.

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