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Motorsport Australia Esports

Motorsport Australia Esports

Motorsport Australia is developing an Esports program, including a training and licence structure along with best practice sporting and integrity frameworks.

Motorsport Australia is focusing on searching for the next best Aussie virtual racers, while also creating a pathway for training the next generation to participate in esports.

This page is a great starting point to find some local and international esport event calendars, news and other information. Keep an eye out for live streams and various opportunities to compete at international events.


2023 Calendars
Australian Esports Series & Championships
Aussie Online Gaming
Australian Sports Sedan Eseries
Formula Racing Group
IPRA NSW eSeries
The Gentlemens Sim Racing Club
Supercars Eseries 
Logitech G Pro Invitational Series

If you would like us to feature your Series or Championship, or would like more information on how you can participate in Esports, please contact [email protected]

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