Passion the motivator behind Hind’s photography path

Monday 08 March, 2021
Rebecca Hind has been a Motorsport Australia photographer since 2014.
For anyone involved in Victorian motorsport, especially officials, the name Revved Photography would be well known – in particular its founder and lead photographer, Rebecca Hind.
Since joining the sport in 2014, Hind has established herself as a key photographer at many grassroot and state events, capturing both the significant on-track moments, as well as the lives of Motorsport Australia’s hard working volunteer officials.
The long hours out on track can often be a thankless task, but for someone as passionate about the sport as Hind, it’s just a part of the job she will happily undertake.

In her formative years, Hind spent almost every weekend at motorsport events trying to gain as much photography experience as she could and learning the tricks of the trade from her mentor, Gregory Llewellyn.

As time went on, she began to improve dramatically and just two years after entering the sport, Hind was rewarded for her efforts with the 2016 Motorsport Australia Photo of the Year.
It was one of the biggest moments of her life, one the young fan girl inside her would have been immensely proud of.

“I was a huge motorsport fan growing up. Dad and I would go to a lot of motorsport together, often lining up early just so we could get the best seats in the house,” Hind said.
“I have always been into sports, I had friends that were in cars when I got older and the love for motorsport just grew and grew organically, but it wasn’t until my early 30s when I realised I could combine my experience in photography with my passion for the sport.
“It was the atmosphere and excitement I really loved and once I stepped into it as a photographer, I got to see what was behind it all.
“Every event I would work on building my technique, practiced as much as I could and started to get to know everyone around the circuit. It was a family of motorsport that sucked me in.

“Then to get that award in 2016 was an incredibly proud moment. It was a whirlwind of a year, having picked up my first supercars series pass and travelling all around the country, often doing double events. It was hard work, but so much fun.”

Hind's 2016 Motorsport Australia Photo of the Year. 

While she is a highly respected photographer inside the motorsport community, Hind is often the only female photographer at race meetings.
And while the number has been growing since her arrival, Hind believes there is no reason why women should not feel welcome at motorsport events as photographers.
“Being the only woman working around men can be daunting sometimes,” Hind said.
“But I have never had anyone discriminate against me and that’s a great side of it. I have just felt like I can do this. I am out there and I know I can do it. And it’s a passion I have that has gotten me through it.
“For quite some time I was only me, but I am hopeful of seeing more women In the media centre in the years ahead because I know there are lots of women who are capable of taking photos just as good as anyone.
“I would love to see more women out there. Anyone who pops into the track, I am happy to help them out.”
Anyone interested in attending events should also consider becoming a Motorsport Australia Accredited Photographer. More information about this accreditation process is available here.


This feature is part of a series of stories celebrating International Womens Day on 7 March.

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