Girls on Track webinar featuring award winning founder

Wednesday 27 July, 2022
The next FIA Girls on Track webinar featuring Breathe founder Jahin Tanvir
The date for the next FIA Girls on Track webinar featuring Breathe founder Jahin Tanvir has been confirmed for Tuesday 9 August at 6:30pm AEST.
The webinar is part of the new Girls on Track – Pathways initiative, which gives 15 – 22-year-old girls an opportunity to break into the motorsport industry.
The program requires participants to share goals, challenges and ambitions to ambassadors, champions and industry professionals, and Tanvir will provide guidance as to how they can communicate those goals and ambitions effectively.
Tanvir has quite the resume behind him, having founded the successful public speaking organisation Breathe, which helps people improve their public speaking confidence and communication skills.
He has also given Tedx talks and was named as the Young Australian of the Year earlier this year.
“I am very excited to be able to collaborate with Motorsport Australia and deliver a session on Communication and Networking in the motorsport industry,” Tanvir said.
“As a lover of motorsport, one aspect that I have always noticed is the lack of representation and diversity.
“My team and I at Breathe. are thrilled to be able to contribute to such a phenomenal program, and guide the young leaders on how to effectively ask the right questions and confidently network in their industry events, as well as how to overcome the fear and any imposter syndrome they may feel and feel empowered to take giant leaps as they pressure their careers in motorsport.”
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