AROCA ready to roll out solid 2022 campaign

Friday 14 January, 2022
The AROCA 2022 season of motorsport begins this weekend in Phillip Island.
With 2022 now officially underway, Motorsport Australia clubs have begun organising their calendars, with a busy year ahead.
Getting into action early is the Victorian Alfa Romeo Owners' Club of Australia (AROCA) chapter.
The club usually starts their season of motorsport with a January supersprint in Victoria and this weekend the club heads to the famous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for the event.
More than 100 drivers will take part in Sunday’s supersprint and are expected to enjoy up to five 12-minute sessions where they will attempt to post the fastest lap in both their class and the outright standings.
While numbers are down from their most recent outing at Phillip Island, the club is still pleased with the turnout and support of the members, despite the current COVID situation in Victoria. 
Like many clubs over the past two years, AROCA has been unable to run their full calendars due to lockdown restrictions, with just five events taking place in both 2020 and 2021 as opposed to the usual 12.
One of the key figures behind this weekend’s AROCA supersprint, Alan Morrison, believed there was a certain individual responsible for the club’s ability to continue running events in two difficult years. 

“We have been delighted by the support the motorsport community has given the club and our events over the past two years,” Morrison said.
“At every event we have staged, we weren’t sure about what the turnout would be, but every time, there would be a big entry list and it was kind of an indication at the club that people are really keen to compete – which in my eyes, was a victory for grassroots motorsport. 
“With that said, I think that the person who deserves a lot of credit for our success over the past two years is the company secretary, Neil Choy, who despite all the odds, has worked tirelessly to stage each event. 
“The club is defying the odds a little bit with how many events we have been able to run in these difficult times and without Neil, I don’t think we would have done half the events that we did. 
“He made them happen and the rest of the club then rose to the occasion each time. AROCA has a strong history of running grassroots motorsport events and Neil deserves a lot of accolades for being a crucial figure in putting these events on.”
As for this weekend’s event, Morrison believed Phillip Island would be the perfect start to what he hoped would be a better year.
“Everyone is optimistic that 2022 will be a little friendlier to us as opposed to the two previous and hopefully we will be able to run our usual 12 events,” Morrison added.
“Phillip Island is always a nice place to start too. Everyone looks forward to it. The quality of track is excellent and it's an exciting track to drive.
“The facilities also make it an ideal place for officials too so I think everyone is really excited for this weekend.”
The AROCA Phillip Island Sprints takes place at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit on 16 January. 
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