Andrew Fraser re-elected as President

Tuesday 14 December, 2021
Andrew Fraser (pictured left with Racing Together participants) has been re-elected as Motorsport Australia President.
Andrew Fraser will remain as President of Motorsport Australia for the next three years after being unanimously re-elected by the Motorsport Australia Board.  
Having been the President since the start of the year, Fraser has had a busy 12 months guiding Motorsport Australia through the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.   
First appointed to the Board in 2019, the Queenslander was considered the perfect replacement following the retirement of Andrew Papadopoulos, but was originally only in the position on an interim basis to complete Papadopoulos's official term. 
However because of his strong leadership, passion for the sport and vast experience during his short time in charge, Fraser was ultimately re-elected to have a full stint in the position.   
“I’m deeply honoured by the opportunity and indeed the obligations to serve our sport,” Fraser said.   
“It’s a sport that I and thousands of Australians love and participate in and the role of Motorsport Australia is vital to its health not just presently, but well into the future.   
“I was first humbled by my colleagues’ support for me to finish the remainder of the previous President’s term when he made the decision to step down.   
“And having led through a period of time dominated by the pandemic and the effects of that – financial and non-financial - on our sport, I was equally humbled to have that support continue for the next three years, which hopefully will see a rebuild of our sport.”  

During his tenure, Fraser has been proactive in visiting grassroots clubs and motorsport organisations around the country, as well as attending national events such as the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships in Sydney and the Netier National Capital Rally earlier this year.   

And although he has spent more time in the virtual boardroom trying to navigate through the pandemic as opposed to visiting events and meeting the members, he was hopeful that he can oversee growth in the sport during the next three years.   
“My friends, who know how much I love the sport, have been joking around with me about how little time has been spent at race meetings as opposed to in Zoom meetings,” Fraser added.  
“However in my position, it’s full of obligation and that obligation right now is to make sure Motorsport Australia remains healthy – with that said, I have still been able to go to some hill climbs and other grassroots events and it’s been quite reassuring to see first hand and talk with the people who make this sport happen.  We have a tremendous base on which to build. 
“Now that we’re recovering from this pandemic, I can begin to focus on my main goal, which is to create future opportunities in the sport for people wanting to get involved whether it’s behind the wheel, or in the many other ways you can get involved. 
“One of the most important things for me are venues, and in particular grassroots venues. We want motorsport to happen in a safe and welcoming environment, so there is a need to have good infrastructure available for people to do the sport.  
“Another big focus for us will be on sustainability and to make sure that our community and commercial expectations all align with the need for motorsport to become sustainable for the future.  
“Finally, from the events I have managed to make it to, one thing is clear – the passion and dedication of our officials are what define our sport and I want to keep that front and centre of everyone's minds for the future.”  
A lifelong motorsport fan whose family has been in the motor vehicle industry for generations, Fraser has significant sports governance experience, including as a former Commissioner of the Australian Sports Commission.   
He has served in executive and governance roles in rugby league in Australia and New Zealand. A former Deputy Premier and Treasurer of Queensland, he is also currently the Chair of Sunsuper and Orange Sky Australia, and the Deputy Chancellor of Griffith University. 

Fraser’s new term will see him lead the board until the next election in 2024.

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