Officials welcome for Targa Great Barrier Reef

Wednesday 14 July, 2021
TARGA is looking for volunteer officials to take part in the 2021 TARGA Great Barrier Reef.
The Motorsport Australia TARGA Championship is on the lookout for volunteer officials for September’s TARGA Great Barrier Reef.   
The premier tarmac rally will be run over three days across 17 picturesque stages around North Queensland, starting in Cairns and ending in Innisfail.  
With some of Australia’s biggest names competing in the event that will feature luxury sports cars, coveted classic vehicles or muscle cars, the event is perfect for both car enthusiasts and motorsport fans.    
Event organisers are looking for volunteers for a number of different roles, including single day road closure officials through to team officials who are required for the entirety of the event.  
There is no cap on the amount of experience individuals have volunteering at motorsport events, with officials of all levels welcome to take part.  
There are many benefits to being part of the event, with the TARGA community regarded as one of the most closely knit in Australia as lifelong friendships and support are often an outcome of being involved.  
For passionate Motorsport Australia members and officials looking to be part of the special event, contact [email protected] for more information on how to sign up.   
The TARGA Great Barrier Reef takes place around North Queensland on 3-5 September.  
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