Formula Ford future addressed in public forum

Wednesday 09 June, 2021
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The Formula Ford Working Group’s first public forum was held last night, sharing insights into the Working Group’s initial discussions.
The webinar addressed a number of a topics throughout the forum including key considerations and the potential for a new car to be introduced into Australia.
The Working Group also answered questions from attendees in relation to the revival of Formula Ford as a Motorsport Australia national championship.

The public will now have another opportunity to voice their opinion and provide feedback on Formula Ford as a national championship through the survey below. The survey will be available on

As part of the forum, the Working Group revealed its preliminary conclusions, which were presented for further feedback through the impending survey.

Any changes are subject to Motorsport Australia Board approval. It is important to note the details outlined below are only conclusions prepared independently by the working group to aid with the consultation period and are not confirmed. 

Those conclusions and suggested timelines are:

  • 2021: Project announced. 
  • 2022: Formula Ford be returned as a Motorsport Australia National Series.
  • The Series will qualify for 6 Supercar Super Licence Points 
  • 2023:* A new car will be introduced as a Motorsport Australia National Championship
    • *2023 commencement is dependent on the Homologation and construction of a new car. It may be necessary to delay the introduction to 2024
    • The new car will be a single make chassis determined through a tender process
    • Purchase costs of the new car to be approx. $100,000-$120,000
    • Running costs anticipated to be no greater than what current competitors are paying in the National Series
    • New car to be a tubular chassis that shares the same characteristics as current Formula Ford Cars (subject to FIA Homologation)
    • Normally aspirated engine and similar components to current Formula Ford Cars
    • The Championship will be eligible for 12 Supercar Super Licence Points. Motorsport Australia will lobby the FIA for the Championship to be eligible for FIA Super Licence Points
    • The Formula Ford National Series will continue to run as a Series within the Championship and continue to be eligible for Supercar Super Licence Points at State and National Level Motor Racing
Those interested in providing feedback outside the survey can do so via emailing Trent Price ([email protected]).
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