Reaching the heights of international racing

Wednesday 08 July, 2020
To reach the highest level in any sport is always a tall order, especially when it comes to the Formula 1 Championship where there are only 20 seats available in any given season.
The task is made even more difficult when the driver comes from Australia with the geographical location far away from where all the European action is, making it challenging to constantly travel to and from to compete against the best at junior level.
A young aspiring driver needs to have the right support both financially and emotionally, as well as the motivation to compete because once they get to an appropriate age, a permanent move to Europe could likely be on the cards.
Starting from a young age, the pathway for drivers trying to reach the top can vary, but often that journey begins in karting, where they will spend their formative years developing the key skills to race.
When a driver is ready and if they’re good enough, the driver will continue their journey up the ranks in open-wheel racing as they attempt to make it into an FIA affiliated program.
There has often been Australian representation in Formula 1 over the years, with four notable drivers flying the flag. From Jack Brabham and Alan Jones to the more recent stars in Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo.
Pleasingly, right now Australia has another four drivers in the third tier of the FIA’s open-wheel pathway, all of whom have taken their own routes to get to where they are now.
After years of hard work, Oscar Piastri, Alex Peroni, Jack Doohan and Calan Williams all competed in the FIA Formula 3 Championship’s season opener over the weekend, alongside the Formula 1 championship competitors they all wish to compete in one day.
As part of a special video feature with, the quartet talked provided their own invaluable advice for young drivers eager to follow in their footsteps and also shared what it takes to compete overseas.

This article is part of a three-part feature involving Australia’s FIA Formula 3 Championship competitors, Jack Doohan, Oscar Piastri, Alex Peroni and Calan Williams.
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