Wednesday 17 October, 2018
All information required for unmanned aerial vehicles.

What is a UAV?
An UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle, piloted by remote control or on-board computers. At motor sport events they are generally used to obtain vision from the air. UAVs are commonly referred to as drones.

Can a UAV be used at a CAMS permitted event?
A UAV can be used at a CAMS permitted event providing the UAV is operated within the guidelines of the CAMS policy. In short that is:

  • The UAV operator or controller is certified by CASA; and
  • Carries their own public liability insurance.

What does the event organiser need be aware of in regards to operation of a UAV?
In short, event organiser must ensure:

  • There are no more than five UAVs in operation at any one time.
  • A UAV must not fly:
    • within 30 metres of any automobile, person or competition area during any competitive activity;
    • in the vicinity of any medical vehicle or person attending a scene of an incident (unless authorised by an Official);
    • in a manner that distracts or impedes the view of a Driver or Co-Driver; and
    • without a designated safety observer in place (whose role is to stop any person or automobile entering the landing site);
  • A UAV lands in a designated area only (selected by the organiser)
  • A UAV is not used by an operator or controller:
    • on the competition surface during any on-track activity;
    • on any part of an event's first line of protection; or
    • from a position that interferes with an Official.

Does the event organiser need to agree to have a UAV operator or controller on site?
Yes, event organisers must be aware who is on site at all times.

What paperwork is required?
The UAV operator is like any other contractor at a motor sport event – they need to provide adequate information to enable the event organiser to meet both the CAMS Safety 1st documentation process and requirements stated in the CAMS Safety 1st Checklist for contractors. http://docs.cams.com.au/CAMS%20Forms/Events/Pre-Event%20Forms%20Non-Speed%20Events/CAMS_Safety1st_Contractor.pdf

Does CAMS need to approve a UAV operator? 
No, event organisers may select their own UAV operator, as long as they comply with the CAMS UAV Policy. 

CAMS does however require event organisers to provide (with their permit application) the UAV Controllers UOC number and the UAV Operators Aviation Reference Number (ARN) so as the CAMS permit can be updated accordingly.

Where do I find a CASA certified UAV operator?
Currently there are approximately 260 entities registered under the commercial CASA requirements. Visit https://www.casa.gov.au/uas-operator-certificate-holders 

What is the difference between a UAV operator and a UAV controller? 
A controller is someone who flies the UAV and an operator is usually a company who has the licence to operate. 

What if I consider the UAV is operating unsafely?
The event organiser/land owner/event stewards all have the right to cease UAV activity at any time if safety concerns are raised or the control measures are not carried out.

Are there any other requirements I need to consider?
There may be cases where land holders, circuit operators or event organisers may require third party liability coverage for UAV operators that exceeds the suggested A$10,000,000 (within the current CAMS policy). This would mean that the UAV operator would need to provide a Certificate of Currency that meets the agreed amount for liability coverage.

Certain land holders, circuit operators or event organisers may also require additional person(s) listed as ‘interested parties’ on the Certificate of Currency.

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