COVIDSafe App may help us get racing

Wednesday 29 April, 2020
The free app is now available on both Android and Apple devices
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca has encouraged members of the motorsport community to download the Federal Government’s COVIDSafe app.
The free app is now available on both Android and Apple devices and has been released to manage the risk of any further COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreaks as various governments consider a relaxation of current restrictions on Australians, including restrictions on motorsport activities.
The Federal Government says the app helps find close contacts of COVID-19 cases and assists state and territory health officials to quickly contact people who may have been exposed to COVID-19, with the app working via Bluetooth. More information about the app can be found here.
Motorsport Australia CEO Eugene Arocca said all members should consider downloading the voluntary app, which could help the sport return sooner rather than later.
“I downloaded the app immediately as I can see the real benefits of such an app, particularly in the context of sporting bodies working towards a return to events,” Arocca said.
“When we are able to get our events back up and running again, this app can potentially provide some comfort and peace of mind for event participants knowing there is a large community uptake of the app.
“If a significant number of Australians download the app, it will be a powerful element to our submissions to all governments to get motorsport back on track, as they will know a majority of those attending an event are likely to have the app installed.
“We are working hard to ensure that when we can go racing again in 2020, we will do so with a best practise approach to COVID-19, which is likely to be around in some form for some time.”
The app can be downloaded by clicking here.
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