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FIA Rally Star is a global search for talented rally drivers aged 17 to 26. Motorsport Australia will be hosting the challenge in Australia, which will help unearth new rally talent through events across the country. This innovative initiative starts from grassroots and digital motorsport to detect, train, and support the future stars of the FIA World Rally Championship.

 27 March, Saturday ACT Rally Service Park, Phillip Digital Challenge
 20 May, Thursday NSW Sydney Motorsport Park Slalom Challenge
 22 May, Saturday QLD Rally Service Park, Gympie Digital Challenge
 7 August, Saturday VIC Rally Service Park, Gippsland Digital Challenge
 11 September, Saturday TAS Rally Service Park, Launceston Digital Challenge
 15 October, Friday SA The Bend Motorsport Park Slalom Challenge
 16 October, Saturday SA Rally Service Park, Adelaide Digital Challenge
 27 November, Saturday NSW Rally Service Park, Coffs Harbour Digital Challenge



Mass detection competitions


Digital and slalom challenges organised across Australia. 

• Winners of the digital challenges (one male and one female) will qualify for the National (Digital) Finals which will be held in 2022. One male and one female will then qualify for the Asia-Pacific Continental Finals. 

• Winners of the slalom challenges (one male and one female) will directly qualify for the Asia-Pacific Continental Finals.

This will ultimately result in a total of three males and three females representing Australia in the Asia-Pacific Continental Finals.  

Limited competition spots available for all challenges! 

Wild card entry: Direct access for a candidate to a continental final. A wild card may be issued by Motorsport Australia, with the approval of the FIA. 


Continental Finals


Australia’s best will qualify for the Asia-Pacific Continental Final. A total of six continental finals will be organised around the world. One winner will be determined per continent, and one woman will be selected after a worldwide shoot-out. 


Training Season


Coaching, training, and testing will be provided for all seven winners. Four best drivers will be retained at the end of the season (including one female driver), who will participate in the FIA Junior WRC programme the following season.


Participation in the FIA Junior World Rally Championship (WRC)


The selected drivers will have the change to take part in a comprehensive programme over the course of the FIA Junior WRC rounds of the following season. During their WRC season, the drivers must meet the progress and individualised performance criteria, defined by the FIA Rally Star Committee. 


Participation in FIA WRC2/3


If one of the drivers wins the FIA Junior WRC during this first season, he/she will receive an additional allowance in order to be able to compete in a minimum of six WRC3 and WRC2 rallies the following season.
If none of the four drivers wins during the first season, the FIA Rally Star Committee will evaluate the progress and performance criteria and select three drivers to be awarded a full second season of the FIA Junior WRC. If one of the three drivers wins during the second season, he/she will receive an additional allowance in order to be able to compete in a minimum of six WRC3 and WRC2 rallies the following season.

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