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Event Organiser Responsibilities


  • Submit a COVID-19 venue plan to Motorsport Australia in support of their event permit application
  • Install signage to advise of COVID-19 requirements
  • Provide barriers and/or markings that restrict the amount of people in specific areas
  • Provide suitable facilities, products and equipment to ensure required hygiene practices can be maintained
  • Clean equipment prior to use and during an event as required
  • Clean common areas – eg. entrances, handles, buttons
  • Provide separate medical facility/area for isolation of suspected COVID-19 cases
  • Create register of all attendees at the event

Click here to download your copy of Return To Race.

Event Organiser Resources

Please note, this website will be updated regularly, with more event organiser resources made available in the coming days, including event signage.

As you begin to plan your event, it is best to refer to the Return To Race document in the first instance.

Our permits team is also available to assist via the Member Hotline - 1300 883 959.

Safety 1st Resources
Event Signage
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To see a preview of potential event signage you can use at your event, please visit this page.

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